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Who we are


We are Lisa, Pete, Theo and Kaiden and from September 2020 we've embarked on the fantastic journey of Homeschooling. The reason? Well, I have always been very conscious of the innocence of my children, watching it slowly dissolve as they got older, and wishing I

could freeze time and keep them with me for as long as possible. As the school years rolled by I became more and more frustrated with the endless pressure put upon us and other families to meet targets, complete projects, and that God awful word...'homework'. 

For me it felt there was no emphasis put on families spending quality time together, children having the chance to leave school behind them for the day and do whatever they chose to do. Whether it be an after school club, playing with friends, building lego or going for a bike ride. There simply wasn't time with school and all it throws at you! The expectation put on parents to manage it is the work of a blissfully ignorant education system who seems to think that at least one parent must be stay-at-home, with absolutely no work commitments whatsoever and with all the time in the world to sit and help with homework, or make a boat out of a cereal box. 

I found myself constantly stressed, rushing form one thing to the next, snapping and barking at my boys and even crying after I had dropped them off to school, when I had shouted at them before they left.

As soon as lockdown 2020 came everything changed. The house was so much calmer, all of the angst was gone. No longer did I study the clock, instead time stood still and I enjoyed my children, I learned about them and I embraced them. I can honestly say in that time I never once felt like I needed a break from them. I knew something had to change. The decision to homeschool was born and I can't wait to share my journey with you! In my blog posts I will share websites where I've found great free homeschooling resources, share any tips I have and link to items I've bought that may help you.

I also have a homeschool shop offering all the educational supplies and resources you might need. I'm on Instagram too so please follow us!

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