If you've seen something I've bought on my Instagram page or blog, or need ideas for free educational resources for your homeschooling journey, you've come to the right page! Check out my resource links below. You can also visit my Lesson Plans page for complete daily timetables and free printable worksheets for kids of all ages.

Science, Engineering & Tech

Computer coding

S.T.E.M Challenges

S.T.E.M - All STEM subjects

BP - STEM & Science activities

The Weather from the MET office

All subjects - Enchanted Learning

Our Planet & the environment

Dinosaur museum & interactive activities

Cool science experiments, explanations & shop to buy resources

Interactive online worksheets - all subjects

National Geographic subscriptions and resources

teacher planet.com


All subjects - website links

Learning Resources

All science

Space and STEM 

Einstein related learning

STEM Projects with the Eden Project

Science Experiments

Periodic Table printables

Mixed interactive & printable science resources



Fossils & The Jurassic Coast

12 Pack Nutrition and food worksheet bundle

The water cycle - evaporation experiment

The water cycle bracelet 

Free lesson plans for all subjects

National History Museum Online Learning 

All learning with Teacher's Pet

Human heart worksheets & coloring 

Learning about where antibiotics come from

Learning about Alexander Fleming

Learn about water with interactive games from Water Aid

Human Heart video

Civil Engineering online exhibition


Climate and fossil fuels

Lego build ideas

Experiments & videos from National Geographic

Diabetes Learning Pack


Energy saving activities and resources

Revision for older kids

Life Skills, Business, Economics, PSHE

Learn about parliament with online free lessons


Teaching kids financial literacy

Planning a business 

Economics Facts for Kids

All subjects - website links

Learning Resources

Barclay's Life Skills

Recipes for kids

Nutrition Learning

Sun safety 

Free lesson plans for all subjects

Road safety & road signs games

How to get kids started on investments 

Food Safety

All learning with Teacher's Pet

LGBT and genders 

Food Safety 

Learning about refugees

Our bodies for older children and young adults 

All learning with Teacher's Pet

Nutrition Learning

Diabetes learning

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Take a look at these great resources!

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