Best Buys: Family Beach & Picnic Shelter

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Yep, that's my husband in the picture. No, he doesn't know I'm plastering his photo all over the internet. Wife privileges!

We went away recently on a lovely holiday to Cornwall and I realised we didn't have our beach shelter with us. Even when I remembered I realised the one we have is only suitable for the children anyway and I don't know about you, but whenever we're on the beach and it gets a bit windy and cold and they nip inside the shelter, I always feel a little envious. It's not really one that adults can fit into.

We all know a beach shelter is meant to protect you from the sun, but let's face it, more often than not we use them to keep the kids warm too. I decided to buy one from Amazon and get it delivered the next day but I wanted one that would be big enough for all of us. We are planning on a three-month touring holiday in the south of the UK this year and I wanted something that would be light, easy to carry, and quick and simple to set up to take with us. As we will be traveling in the night of Summer, I wanted something with the primary focus of protecting my children from the sun. This shelter is UPF50+.

I found the Easthills outdoor shelter to be by far the best I could find and decided to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed! It comes in a handy bag and includes a little bag with pegs in which makes the shelter perfect for use on the beach and on grass too. The shelter is super easy to set up because it involves, wait for it...NO poles! That's right. No annoying poles you have to set up and try to bend and twist to get them where you want them. Instead, you simply pull on the orange toggles on the top of the shelter to pull it open, the poles are already in place. Then you clip into place the two side poles by simply attaching a clip to the actual shelter which is already connected and viola! You have your shelter up in less than 5 minutes. If you lose the instructions or forget, don't worry, they've considerately printed them on the back of the shelter at the top near the toggles.

Taking the shelter down is just as easy. You simply push on two of the poles at the top, unclip those clips on the side and fold it down. that's it. It pops right back into the bag and you're good to go. My favorite thing about this shelter though, this particular one, is the extended zip-up porch. This means that you or the kids can get changed inside the shelter for privacy, or you could even half-zip it up if you had a baby that needed to nap. Inside the shelter, there are windows that can be open and shut so you either have full privacy or can see outside.

To keep the shelter secure once it is up you use the pegs and there are also sandbags for you to fill up attached to it, one on the back, and one on either side. These bags are again, another well thought out feature because unlike most shelters that you have to turn upside down to empty the sand out of them, these are on velcro fastenings, so you just open them out and the sand falls out.

Is it really big enough for four people? In the picture above, you can see that two adults can sit inside no problem, but four chairs would not fit. However, two adults and two children could sit inside on the floor, depending on your size of course, if you wanted to escape a brief shower or play a game of cards. In fact, even with two adults sitting up front, there's room in the back for a child to play.

Using this link will take you to the page you can buy the shelter, or watch a video to see more about the setup. I would definitely recommend this shelter, it may be more expensive than your average beach shelter coming in at around £100, but it's worth it. We will use it for the beach and the park and my husband has already told me he's taking it fishing!

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