Dear Diary

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Thursday 3rd September 2020

It‘s been a day of mixed emotions today. my boys and I started the day by learning Spanish via the wonders of YouTube. We had a really good giggle and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Afterwards we went shopping armed with lists and calculators followed by a spot of lunch before heading off to a local charity shop to buy some books. Everything was going well until a little bit later when we needed to visit a particular shop and to get there we had to drive by my kids old school. I say old school although they’ve only officially been de-registered a few days and it hasn’t even been confirmed yet. What made it worse was that it was the time of day the children were leaving for the day and as we made our way through the village, we could see all of my boys old school friends walking by, even managing to roll the window down to say hello to one of them. I felt the atmosphere in the car change. I knew the boys were feeling a bit torn about not being with their friends, probably even a little hurt and maybe a bit jealous. And I couldn’t deny that I felt a pang or something close to the same. Had I made the right decision? Was I harming my children’s happiness? A part of me felt like, “my boys should be there, they should be in years 4 and 5 now. I should be throwing their photos all over Facebook. It isn’t fair”. The truth was, a