Has COVID changed your parenting style?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic swallowed the world up and spat it back out, I was a parent with very little patience. Every day I ushered my children out of bed, barked at them to get dressed and panicked as we made our way to school, worried about missing the 8:40am deadline. I held my breath whenever my children coughed or sneezed, determined not to break our 100% attendance record like it was an olympic gold medal I needed to hold on to.

I didn’t take my children out of school during term time, the worry of how damaging that might be to their education was etched into my mine like a tattoo on my skin. I stood at the school gates and bitched alongside like minded parents about the ridiculous amount of homework the kids were being asked to do, the reading level they were at and the dreaded emails and newsletters I couldn’t keep up with.