Listen to them!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

This is a short, sharp and perhaps not a sweet post. But I need to write it now while I can.

Children are the ultimate master of disguise. They often appear to be perfectly happy, perfectly untouched by circumstances, that we take it as gospel and don’t probe further than that. Why? maybe we’re fearful of what we might hear? Who knows.

I’ve spent the last two days head deep in work, my children apparently oblivious whilst they play happily. And if I hadn‘t spoken out loud and apologised for my absence and not finishing work as early as I had hoped, I might never have realised how they were really feeling.

My youngest son said to me, after my mumbling apology; "It's ok mom. But it will be better when you're not so busy, and when you're not so tired". I felt terribly guilty in that moment and realised, that just because they appear ok on the outside, doesn't mean that's how they feel on the inside.