Travel Schooling in the UK - Could you do it?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

I've always wanted to travel, but like many before me, I thought it would only be possible when my children were all grown up and my husband and I could head off into the sunset. Once I started homeschooling my children, the dream to travel became more of a reality. Now, it was just a case of working out the logistics.

I manage a local community hall that falls into the hospitality sector. Once the first lockdown in March of 2020 came, I became furloughed. I'm the kind of person that needs to keep busy and my mind went into overdrive. Like others, I struggled with lockdown after the initial novelty wore off, but I also found it a blessing too. The Covid-19 pandemic taught me things I already knew but brought them out of the shadows. Nobody had ever thought a global pandemic like this one would happen in our lifetime, none of us could have imagined shutting down whole countries, but that's what we did.

After years of being conditioned into believing school was the most important thing in your child's life, how they must keep a clean sheet of attendance to achieve a glossy certificate at the end of it all, I realised it wasn't as important as they had been making out after all. Let's be honest, the world wouldn't work if we all homeschooled and allowed our creative genius' to flourish in their own way. Society is geared to ensure the majority continue working as cogs in the big government machine. School. Degree. Work. Pension. Death. And not always in that order.

When you remove the boundaries and step into the world of homeschooling, we teach our children that they don't have to be pushed into knowing what career path they want to take at a stupidly early age. We travel with them at their own pace and in turn, they get to become who they want to be. That may be an entrepreneur, a free spirit who travels the world, but the likelihood is, they won't fit as easily as a cog in the machine.

I realised that the possibilities were ours for the taking, we just needed to be brave! I made the decision to homeschool very early on into the lockdown. I absolutely loved having my children with me but even more so, not having the stress of racing to the school gates in time in the morning, picking them up, wolfing down dinner so they could cram in homework, and then racing to an out of school activity. The paced slowed right down and I felt it was time to take back control of our lives and my children's education. I realsied that if I wanted to travel, I would need to secure my career remotely.

I enjoy my Hall Manager job, I'm a volunteer too for the charity and regularly put on fundraising events so I didn't want to end that. Instead, I decided to see what was out there which would allow me to work from anywhere in the world. Unable to sleep one night I woke at 3 am and started looking online. That's where I found Time. etc. A company that supplies Virtual Assistants to clients all over the world, predominately in the UK and America. To cut a long story short, I applied, passed the interviews, and got the job. I now freelance as a virtual assistant and have built up a healthy client base. I still work as a Hall Manager too but I've only returned to work flexible-furlough hours and for now, the two work well together.

The next step was to convince my "likes-to-play-it-safe" husband. it was hard enough to convince him that homeschooling was the right idea, but to encourage him to take a sabbatical from work and embark on a 12-month tour of the UK was something else. After much wrangling, arguing, debating, and crying, he agreed. However, fate changed our plans as more lockdowns came and we put it all on hold to see what would happen in 2021.

What happened was that my husband got made redundant after 35 years in the company he had worked in since leaving school. But instead of panicking and looking for another job, we broached the scary subject of not going back to work at all. Lack of going out in lockdown meant we had saved a considerable amount and my husband's redundancy was a year's salary. Now that I had my second job we worked out that we would be able to get the redundancy pay to last almost three years. My husband is 52 this year and can retire at 55 with his company pension. If we could stretch the money until then, he wouldn't have to go back to work and could retire early. This also meant being free to do whatever we wanted to do for the next few years, a privilege few get to have. In the end, we went for it.

We changed our plans due to the uncertainty of the pandemic and decided that in 2021, we would embark on a three-month tour of the South of the UK, and then after that, decide how we felt before heading into the next adventure. And that's where we are! My Hall Manager job employees have allowed me to work remotely for three months which is a blessing. Today is the 2nd of July and the beginning of our tour. I want to share it with you and will be posting a travel journal each week including our itinerary and total costs in case you want to give it a try.

Life is too short. That's a saying many hear but don't appreciate. I've seen too many people wait until retirement and then drop dead. The reality is if you can live frugally but have the most amazing memories with your family, do it! You might never get this chance again. Be brave! The only thing that's certain in life is that death awaits us all. Please look out for email alerts when new blog posts are posted so that you can follow our journey and don't forget to follow us on Instagram too.

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