Travel & Teach Using Your Disposable Income

This blog post will be added to each time I find a new destination, whether that's in the UK or abroad. If you have disposable income each month, why not consider booking a last-minute trip? It might seem extravagant travelling every single month, but if you have the money left over if you can work abroad or use your holiday cleverly, why wouldn't you? You could tailor this plan to travel every two-three months. With homeschoolers having the freedom to travel whenever they like, we might as well make the most of it!


Time to travel

Cost breakdown


Disposable Income of £1000 per month

October - 5 days. We travelled 17th-22nd

TIP: I worked whilst here as I work remotely. If you don't, try to make the trip Friday evening to Wednesday - 3 days off in total.

  • £450 flights (no meals or extra baggage).

  • £322 self-catering apartment.

  • £100 food & drink from supermarket

  • £90 day trip.

  • Taxis: £100.

  • Total: £1062

  • Fly with Jet2 to Tenerife South.

  • Taxi to Los Gigantes staying at the Elita el Varadero

  • Local walks daily, swimming in the pool

  • 1 Day trip for a family of 4 - full island tour including Mount Teide active volcano, Icos Los Vinos & the Dragon Tree, Visit Garachico, Visit hamlet of Masca

Disposable Income of £700 per month

​November - 4 days. We are travelling 15th-19th

TIP: I work remotely & will be working. If you don't work remotely, try booking Thursday-Monday instead - 3 days off

  • £240.11 flights (no meals but one 10kg case inc.)

  • £157 self-catering apartment

  • £60 taxis

  • £100 food & drink from the supermarket

  • £100 day trip TBA

  • Total: £657.11

Tenerife Trip - October 17th-22nd

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